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Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Review: Banana Republic Mad Men Collection 2013

In the Caboodle is suspended this week to bring you my review of Banana Republic's Mad Men Collection.  It's no secret I am a HUGE fan of this collaboration (evidence hereherehere, and here).  When I viewed the collection online, I was a bit underwhelmed.  I was disappointed that there were no dresses that screamed Betty or Joan.  This collection was all about Megan and Peggy.  However, I will (occasionally) admit that I am wrong.  So, mark your calendars.  I was wrong.  This year's collection is lovely.  Full of bright colors and patterns that are so well fitted for a real woman's body.  Almost everything was slimming and lengthening.  I swear, there is voodoo magic in those threads.  AND I got 30%!!  Ok, I restrained myself and only bought one thing.

UPDATE: This top is actually the Sateen Peplum Top and IS NOT from the Mad Men Collection.  However, this doesn't change my review and I still think it's a lovely top and is on my wishlist.

These crops are so comfy.  The fabric is soft and they are a medium rise.  I don't normally like pants with the slanted pockets because they never lay flat on my hips.  These did though.  I'd recommend sizing up if you have hips to avoid the weird crotch wrinkles and bat wing pockets.  And you read that correctly, MINI gingham...the cutest of the ginghams.  They also come in large gingham and polka dot.  
I also loved the top.  The waist hit at the perfect position and was like an instant tummy tuck.  It fits true to size.  I wouldn't call it peplum, but it flares out at just the right place.  Seriously, it took 5lbs off me.  I feel like I have several peplum-ish things in my closet, however, if this little top goes on clearance I might snatch it up.

I HATED this dress online and even on the hanger.  But again, I will admit when I am wrong.  I thought the pattern would get pulled and twisted over the hip and boob area and that it would accentuate the tummy.  I was wrong on all fronts.  Whoever designed the pattern on this dress is a genius.  It's like an optical illusion of perfect curves.  It says it's a shift dress, but it cinches in at the waist to create a nice silhouette.  The key hole is sexy, but small enough to be work appropriate. it fits true to size.  This is the dress I walked out with that day.

This is the dress I was most excited about.  I love the bright green color and the white border.  However, this was the only thing that disappointed me.  It's more appropriate for a lady with more slender hips.  It's very straight and doesn't cinch in on the waist, so I thought it did nothing for my shape.  But I LOOOOOVE the color...whine.

This dress is freakin' amazing.  Those vertical lines just make everything great.  The dress is soooo stretchy and comfy.  It's like fancy pajamas.  I almost needed to be physically restrained from getting this dress.  However, I had to size up to accommodate the hips.

So, are you going to be getting anything from this year's Mad Men Collection?

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