Penniless Socialite: Shoesday: Beyond Skin

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Shoesday: Beyond Skin

So, I try really hard not to make this blog my little soap box, but maybe I can get people to jump on the vegan fashion band wagon by showing them some fabulous vegan shoes?  Beyond Skin is an amazing UK shoe company that makes 100% vegan shoes.  The Anthropologie across the pond carried some Beyond Skin shoes last year (I think).  I wish the US Anthro would offer me some options!  Not that I really need to give Anthro more of my money, but I'm always drooling over the shoes I can not have.

Here are some of my favorites from Beyond Skin.

So I don't need another pair of oxford pumps, but these are just so darn cute.
I love the thick heel on the JoJo (below) and of course I love the color.  These remind me of Target's Pemota Chunky Heel Pump, which is genuine suede.  (Really Target?  Who do you think you are using suede?)
JoJo in pink 
And finally, I think i just love the preppiness of the Sirene in argyle.
Sirene Gold Print
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