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Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Stuff I Wore: Clean Slate

My new camera arrived in the mail a few days ago, a Canon S95.  I am just not ready for a DSLR, but I am going to start perusing used ones on Ebay in the coming months.  So, I am going to overload you with noisy OOTD photos one last time.  I am just going to rip it off like a band aid and show you my remaining outfits in one fell swoop and start the new year off with better photos.  My New Year's resolution (besides volunteering more) is to provide you with better quality photos.  This probably means I'll have to start enlisting the help of The Scot in the mornings to take some outdoor shots.  On second thought, maybe I'll just get a tripod.
This first outfit is composed completely of items I purchased on Black Friday and while Anthro ran their most recent 50% off sale items promotion.  I was really skeptical about the Triad Peasant Blouse, but it's such a great versatile piece.  I thought it looked too short and Little House on the Prairie-esque.  I was very wrong.  I've also worn it out after work with just a pair of jeans.

OOTD 12.13.11 (Polyvore Set

And here are more Anthro items that I got at the 50% off sale.  The Endless Corduroy Skirt is so darn cute.
OOTD 12.15.11 (Polyvore Set)
This casual outfit is a result of my J. Crew outlet outing with my sister.  My sister and I disagree almost completely on fashion.  She's more khakis and polo shirts and I'm more...well, bright pink and rhinestones.  There is really only one thing we agree on, and that is J. Crew.  When we walked into the outlet, my sister said, "I feel like I'm home."
OOTD 12.18.11 (Polyvore Set)
I apparently don't make my bed on Sundays...don't tell my mom.

And I organized this last outfit around my Secret Santa gift from work.  Somehow my secretay knew I would love a sparkly leopard print scarf!
OOTD 12.22.11 (sorry no Polyvore!)

A close-up of my awesome Christmas gift.

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