Penniless Socialite: Stuff I Wore: My Baby Brother Graduates and I Wear a Pretty Dress

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Stuff I Wore: My Baby Brother Graduates and I Wear a Pretty Dress

Backswept Dress // Anthropologie; Necklace // The Webster for Target (worn here);
Bracelet // J. Lo for Kohl's (similar here);  Flip Flops  // Steve Madden (worn here, similar here);
Sunnies // La Coste (similar here)

My little brother graduated high school last week.  And so it was an excuse for me to wear my favorite dress.  I mean, the day was totally about him....but also a little bit about the dress.  
I wasn't allowed to read my Kindle during this graduation because my mom frowns upon that.  Instead, I had to sit in an un-air conditioned gym on the hottest day of the year and listen to quite possibly the most inane speeches I have ever heard.  I am seriously scared about the future.  Many of the graduates were dressed like they were heading out to the club (or 'da club as I like to call it).  I am really surprised that they didn't charge a cover to get in and then serve Jell-o shots.  So many strapless sequin dresses and 4 inch spike heels.  I thought they were filming a rap video.     

I thought the attire was appalling, and then the student body present gave a speech.  After a good 2 minutes of tapping on the microphone convinced it was not turned on, she talked for 5 minutes about herself and how she came to high school wearing a blonde weave and ugly pink converses and how she blossomed into the awesome specimen we were looking upon now.  And then she proceeded to tell us that the most important people of our generation are: Bill Gates, Oprah, the President, Kanye West and SPONGEBOB SQUAREPANTS.  I don't know if she realizes Spongebob is neither real nor a person.  I had to sit there and be sweat dripped down the back of my legs.  This is the person the students chose to lead the school.  I am so scared about the choices they will make in the future.  Several people passed out....from the heat, not the shock of how incredibly weird the girl speaking was.  Was that mean?  If you're judging me, I am going to send that girl to your house to speak to you.  Then, you can judge me.

I also have an even younger brother.  I'll write about him when he does something blog-worthy.  So, next week when he watches TV on the couch with me, I'll give you a full update.

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