Penniless Socialite: Comfortably Overdressed

Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Comfortably Overdressed

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I've been accused on occasion of over-dressing.  So, on my recent vacation to Universal Studios in Orlando, I was given strict instructions to "wear sneakers" and "dress sensibly."  Well, this is as "sensible" as I get.  For me, vacation is like 50% about the outfits.  The other 50% is about the food.  I wore sneakers, albeit covered in glitter, and my skit had an elastic waistband.  I call that damn practical.

BB Dakota Corsbie Striped Top: c/o ShopBop (wornexact)
Midi Skirt: Asos (similar, worn)
Kate Spade Keds via Poshmark (exact)
Urban Gem Necklace via Rocks Box (similar)
Kate Spade Watch: via Macy's (exact, worn)
Loren Hope Carly Bracelet via Rocks Box (exactworn)
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Purse: via DSW (similar)
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