Penniless Socialite: This or That Challenge: Colored Pants and Some Reality Show Ponderings

Thursday, June 14, 2012

This or That Challenge: Colored Pants and Some Reality Show Ponderings

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Green jeans // Gap (worn here, similar here); Tee // ??
Flip Flops // Coach via Marshall's (worn here, similar here)
Yves Ring // Style Mint

Necklace // J. Crew Factory (worn here and here, similar here)
As I sit here watching My Big fat American Gypsy Wedding, I'm beginning to wonder if we've over-saturated the reality TV market.  There are three show about pawn shops (Pawn Stars, Cajun Pawn Stars and Hardcore Pawn), two shows about hunting wild pigs (American Hoggers and Lady Hoggers), three shows about hoarding (Hoarders, Hoarding: Buried Alive, and Animal Hoarders), countless wedding shows and dating shows.  I'm astounded that there's an entire show about people bidding on abandoned storage units (Storage Wars) and that there is an upcoming show all about people bidding on abandoned baggage (Baggage Wars).  Don't even get me started on the industry of fraud that is ghost hunting shows.  I have to be honest....I watch more of these shows than is healthy.  I have been known to sit on the couch for hours crying over wedding shows and cringing over hoarders.  However, I worry that we are stretching the genre too thin.  This weekend I watched Deep Fried, a show about a food stand called Chicken Charile's at a county fair.  Ok, Chicken Charlie can deep fry pretty much any thing, but the biggest "drama" in the show was the LED sign shutting down.  It was painful to watch.  Let's face it, not every job is interesting.  There should not be cameras in my office watching me read cases and watch briefs.  Uh oh!  It's Friday and Tara's secretary left will she ever make copies or send a letter?!?!?!  I do not want to watch people hot glue pipe cleaners to stuff (Craft Wars), but I will watch Randy of Say Yes to the Dress makeover brides on a bus (Randy to the Rescue).
What reality shows do you love?  Which do you hate or just don't understand?
I'm still going strong in Megan Mae and Casual Chic Kiki's This or That Challenge.  Just one more day left!

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