Penniless Socialite: Weekend Update: I Don't Like Soccer

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Weekend Update: I Don't Like Soccer

Tee // Victoria's Secret (similar here); Skirt // J. Crew (similar here); Flops // Coach via Marshall's (worn here, similar here);
Bag // Juicy Couture via Bloomingdale's (similar here)

Watch // Fossil (worn here, similar here); Spike Stretch Bracelet // Asos (similar color here);
Bead Bracelet // F21 (worn here, similar here)
This is an outfit I wore out to a bar to watch the final game of the European Championship (and to take pictures in a parking garage...a completely normal weekend).  I have to be completely honest: I HATE SOCCER.  It is just the most boring thing I have ever watched.   Having a Scottish boyfriend who loves soccer makes my hate of the sport a little complicated.  My hatred is especially hard to maintain while the European Championship is taking place.  However, I have found a light in the darkness that is a soccer, a reason to love the sport.  His name is Mario Balotelli.  It was love at first sight.  While playing in one of the first games of the European Championship for Italy, he missed a goal.  His response: he punched the ground.  I relate to his Italian temper.  My paternal grandparents are Sicilian.  (He's actually Ghanaian, but was born in Sicily and adopted by a Sicilian family).  He's always getting himself into trouble with his temper and his mouth.  Again, I relate.  When you watch him play, you're going to get a good show.  He's either going to be kicking goals in backwards over his head, or punching things.  He is a man after my own heart.  I was first drawn to him because of his outrageous behavior, but watching him play is pretty magical.  However, if you read up on his past and about the horrible racism he faces, you understand his anger.  During the European Cup fans were making monkey noises at him and one even threw a banana at him.  Seriously Europe, it is 2012!!!  He restrained himself, but I am pretty sure I would have tried to punch an entire stadium.  I don't advocate his outbursts of anger.  I merely understand them and realize that they make for good stories.  Anyone remember Dennis Rodman?  TV gold right there.  Balotelli is also only 21 years old, so he might grow out of it into a mature adult in a few years.  So, thank you Mario for giving me a reason to love soccer.  Also, the Scot loves you because now he gets to watch an entire soccer game without me whining, "I'm boooored!" every 5 minutes like a spoiled brat.    
I really hope no one that actually knows any thing about soccer reads this...because I realize now that this whole post sounds really dumb.

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