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Friday, November 2, 2012

Stuff I Wore: Cranky and Cold

Vest // Old Navy (giveaway win from City and Burbs)
Belt// From A Target skirt (worn here) | Shirt // Thrifted | Cords // J. Crew (similar here)
Flats // Jessica Simpson (worn here, similar here) | Bag // Juicy Couture (worn here, similar here)
Necklaces // J. Crew Factory (worn here and here, similar here and here)

This week's Friday's Fancies theme is "Sweater Weather," which is perfectly timed because I don't have heat or hot water after Hurricane Sandy.  So, it's actually sweatshirt and blanket weather inside my apartment.  And the water pressure is so low that I can't get the shower to work.  I washed my hair in the kitchen sink and I will spare you the details about how I bathed my body.  
And  now you're wondering, "Why couldn't you put on a sweater for this week's theme?"  Well, I am currently wearing several sweaters, but no pictures will be taken of me until I can take a proper shower.  Thankfully, I have some fingerless gloves so that I can type this.  I am cold and cranky.  Luckily, I saved some outfit photos for just such an occasion.
Don't let my humor fool you, I know I am lucky to have made it out of this storm relatively unscathed.  If you want to help, donate to the Red Cross here.

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