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Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Stuff I Wore: Not in Mint Condition

Top // Lauren Conrad for Kohl's (similar shape here)
Cardigan // Joe Fresh (worn here, similar here)
Mint Jeans // TJ Maxx (similar here)
Nude Flats // Steve Madden (worn here and here, similar here)
You can't really tell here because of my awesome photo editing skills, but the color ran on these jeans.  The first time I wore them I got a little spot of makeup on them.  So, I rushed to get my trusty Shout spray.  As I squeezed the trigger I knew it was a bad idea as I watched in action movie slow motion as the color began to run with each drop of stain remover.  I wound up with a discolored drippy patch on my pants.  It was too late to change, so I just suffered through the day.  So, I decided I would wash my jeans (after wearing them one more time) and now I have what I can only describe as mint acid washed jeans.  I was devastated.  I know it's only a pair of $25 pants, but I searched for these for weeks.  So much internet shopping and store hunting down the drain.
*Photos by Elena

TJ Maxx is all sold out and even Target doesn't offer a replacement.  Target has some great mint accessories, but nothing to replace my mint pants, sadly.   So I've now decided the mint distressed look is in.  
Green Katina Satchel

I already have you in pink....but I think I need you in mint.  I'll collect watches.  It will be my thing.
Round Bracelet Watch

Poeske Flat Sandal
Ok, it's not an accessory, but it's awesome egg-shaped chapstick.
EOS Sweet Mint Organic Lip Balm

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